Professor Jia Liu

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Jia Liu, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor 
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Harvard University
Rm 3.211, Science & Engineering Complex
150 Western Avenue, Boston, MA 02134

Prof. Liu has more than 10 years of experience in nanoelectronics and bioelectronics. He has also gained in-depth biological and clinical knowledge through experience in developing a variety of tools that combine nanoelectronics, polymer chemistry, genetic engineering and tissue engineering to address challenges in neuroengineering, brain-machine interface and cardiac arrhythmia. His early research (Nature Mater, 2012, 2015 & 2016; Nature Nanotechol, 2015 & 2016; Nat Biomed Eng, 2019; Science, 2020) on “tissue-like electronics”, “gliosis-free long-term brain electronics implantation” and "genetically-targeted brain device" has established some of the fundamental principles for current state-of-the-art tissue- and brain-machine interfaces used in both academic research and industrial applications. His laboratory at Harvard University is primarily focusing on the development of new bioelectronic, cyborg engineering, genetic/genomic engineering and computational tools for biological and biomedical applications. He cofounded and served as scientific advisor of Axoft, Inc. a brain-machine interface company. 

Selected Honors and Awards

  • Rising Star Award by Advanced Materials  (2022)
  • AFOSR Young Investigator Program (YIP) Award (2022) 
  • NIH/NIDDK Catalyst Award (DP1 Director’s Pioneer Award Program) (2021)
  • MRS Best Symposium Presentation Award (2021)
  • Harvard SEAS LInc Faculty Fellowship (2021)
  • William F. Milton Award (2020)
  • Harvard Stem Cell Institute Seed Grant Award (2020)
  • Harvard Dean's Competitive Fund for Promising Scholarship (2019 & 2020)
  • Aramont Fellowship for Junior Faculty (2019)
  • Springer Thesis Award for Best Thesis  (2016)
  • Most Notable Chemistry Research Advances by C&EN (2015)
  • Top 10 World Changing Ideas by Scientific American (2015)
  • Harvard Fieser Lectureship Award (2012)
  • Academic Scholarship of Individual Scientific and Technology Innovation (2009)
  • Hui-Chun Chin and Tsung-Dao Lee Fellowship (2007-2008)
  • Exxon Mobil Scholarship (2008)